Welcome to Requitix. A better mobile ecommerce solution using the new Requitix (RQX) token built on the Ethereum Blockchain, but it’s way more than a mobile payment solution. It’s what’s behind Requitix that makes it far superior.

The nuts and bolts that make up Requitix come in our four critical key components including: Qualified Reviews, Scammer/Spammer Protection, Zero Chargebacks and a Transaction fee of 0.5%. That’s half a percent!

The Requitix team has banking, finance, web merchant, point-of-sale and strong service sector skills. Combined with our success in the ecommerce space for more than 20 years, this has served as a solid launch platform for the RQX proof-of-concept which also has demonstrated confidence in the next phase of our global payment solution.

Below is a graphic that shows the Requitix Token Allocation.

Requitix has taken on the mission to deliver a superior payment processing solution that minimizes fraudulent actions by both the consumer and the merchant, by use of proven Ethereum blockchain technology combined with analytics to stop scammers, spammers and chargebacks for ecommerce site owners, while lowering the transaction fees from on average of 3 to 9% down to just 0ne-half of a percent. That’s zero-point-5 percent! – (0.5%) – That’s unheard of.

Our mission objectives are:

• Leverage the power of Ethereum to create a Token of Trust that delivers a better payment method for both the consumer and the merchant.
• Deliver a significantly faster and far less costly payment processing model.
• Give merchants access to the $10 trillion-dollar global ecommerce marketplace.
• Vastly expand the availability and access to the multibillion-dollar Ethereum world that is the future of ecommerce and global retail payments.
• Give the consumer and the merchant a decentralized payment solution with the protections of trusted reviews, zero chargebacks, scammer and spammer protection along with the lowest transaction fees ever.
• Improve system availability and consumer data protections by eliminating the reliance on out dated, single retailer-centric and owned data stores.
• Earn, cherish and protect the trust and confidence of every Requitix user and give something back at every level of our existence – today and tomorrow.

Why use Requitix (RQX)?

We have created RQX on the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts. By using a smart contract we can integrate the four main components of the token and those include trusted reviews, scammer/spammer protection, zero chargebacks and .5% transaction fee.

Why launch in the dating space?

Our founders have over 15 years in the online dating space and it makes complete sense to launch a global payment solution in an industry that we’re already in and therefore a great stepping stone into the global trillion dollar ecommerce market.

What is the global RQX supply?

The global supply of RQX is 60,000,000 (60 million). The hard cap will be a total of 30,600,000 (30.6 million or 51%) available for sale through our crowdsale.

How many tokens will I receive?

During the Pre-Sale Crowdsale phase you will receive 2000 RQX tokens for every 1 ETH.

During the Crowdsale phase you will receive 1200 RQX tokens for every 1 ETH.

When will I receive my tokens?

Because disbursement is built into our smart contract, you will receive your Requitix (RQX) tokens immediately upon purchasing them. You will need a ERC20 compatible wallet to receive your tokens. We recommend MyEtherWallet.

Will there be an Escrow process?

Because disbursement is built into our smart contract there is no need for escrow. You will receive your tokens immediately after purchasing them so be sure to have a ERC20 compatible wallet like MyEtherWallet.com.

Is the Crowdsale only taking ETH?

Yes, we are limiting the crowdsale to only accept Ethereum (ETH).

What will I need to participate in the Crowdsale?

You will need the following:

1. Your ETH in an ERC20 compatible wallet and please note that you can NOT send ETH from an exchange.
2. Your ERC20 compatible wallet address such as  MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.
3. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions when you register to participate.
4. You will have to register here at requitix.io and then once you register you’ll be able to purchase the RQX token via ETH.
5. If you live in the United States you can not participate in the crowdsale.

Where do I go to buy your tokens?

The Requitix (RQX) token will ONLY be available for sale through the requitix.io website. No where else where it be available so be sure you’re on our site requitix.io. Be sure to send at least 250,000 in gas or your send may fail.

Also note that our ETH address is:

Is there a value on this token right now?

Because the RQX token is being used right now in our Proof of Concept, we have demonstrated an average value of .25 cents per RQX.

Is the Requitix platform available now?

Yes, right now you can demo our Proof of Concept to see the RQX token in action on our test site. Do know that this is just a prelim beta to show how the token is used. We are currently developing addons for Woocommerce, Drupal, Megento, Joomla and other CMS systems as well as a stand alone plugin.

How can I use RQX after the Crowdsale?

The value shown in the Proof of Concept will allow us to list RQX on cryptocurrency exchanges. This will open RQX to a much broader market and propel its value.

How do I get updated news?

For all things Requitix, please refer to the Requitix Twitter.

Requitix has allocated 2% (1,200,000 Million RQX) of our total token supply to be set aside for Bounties and will be distributed after our Crowdsale phase and will be disbursed as follows.

Social Media including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus.


For every Twitter Retweet or Mention you will receive:

200 RQX for between 100 and 200 followers on your Twitter account.
450 RQX for under 1000 followers on your Twitter account
600 RQX for 1000 or more followers on your Twitter account.


Post Likes: 150 RQX
Comments with at least 40 characters: 150 RQX
Public shares of any post: 250 RQX

Google Plus

Post Likes: 150 RQX
Comments with at least 40 characters: 150 RQX
Public shares of any post: 250 RQX

Contact us to get started.

If you are a well known blogger and would like to earn RQX then you’re more than welcome to register for this bounty.

Write a post about Requitix in any language, with at least 1500 characters and containing 1 link to requitix.io and you will receive 800 RQX. It can be your blog or personal page, for example Facebook or LinkedIn pages.

All bloggers are approved by the Requitix team.

Simply contact us to get started.

Just upload the Requitix Signature and Avatar provided by us and write at least 10 related posts per week and receive 450 RQX.

Please contact us to register and receive Signature and Avatar.

We are currently taking considerations for translations of our Whitepaper. If you would like to be considered for translation of our Whitepaper then please contact us to reserve your language.

Translations will pay 1500 RQX for each confirmed translation of our Whitepaper.

Please note that you must use authentic translation. You may not use a auto-translator service like Google Translate.

Rules: There will be no spamming whatsoever. Anyone who spams will have their accounts deleted without transferring any Requitix.

All bounties will be paid within 30 days of the end of the crowdfunding phase.

You have to have a ERC20 compatible wallet to join the bounty program.

You must contact our office in order to register for the Bounties.

Got questions about Requitix? We’d love to hear from you.

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